About Sa

Starting Sweets at the Reef has been a dream for over 20 years. As a single mom in the early 2000s I didn't have the resources to run my own business doing something I love while meeting financial needs. Then, after 30 years in Corporate America I wanted something different. So, off I went! I made my first cake-truffle sale in early December 2023 at a local boutique. And now it begins... a website, an imagination filled with ideas & creativity, and a dream!

The name "Sweets at the Reef" pays homage to the places I call "home"... the beautiful village of La'ie, Hawaii where our colorful reefs provide food and protection, and the stunning countryside on the outskirts of Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

Over the past two decades I have been perfecting my craft making delicious cake-truffles, and am always delighted to see the immediate joy it brings to someone who takes that first bite. My hope is to bring added joy to EVERY celebration! If you haven't tried these delectable cake-truffles, now is the time to treat yourself and those you love to something wonderful!